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Ice-cream Batch Freezer

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Ice-Cream Freezer

     Super premium ice creams ,sorbets, and gelatos are a nationwide phenomenon. By the container or by the serving, consumers are increasingly seeking a homemade, quality taste and texture of premium quality ice cream treats.


       JCS Technic Line have available the Ice-cream Freezer machine for user require .We support the machine for Homemade, SMEs and Ice-Cream Manufacturing.










Continuous Freezer

     The continuous freezer can produce extruded and molded ice-cream and can be connected to automatic production line. The performance of the machine is extremely flexible thus enabling the production of either high overrun (up to 110% ) ice cream with capacities currently available from 150.0 to 800.0 kg

Feature of Continue Freezer

  • Available compact model.
  • New tropicalized design resulting in high product output.
  • The controls are easy to operate.
  • Provide piston pump.
  • Overrun adjustment valve to get overrun 60% to 110%.
  • Provide to control consistency of ice cream.
  • Specially crafted beaters with self-aligning plastic blades.
  • The machine with air cooled condenser.
  • Environmentally friendly "CFC" free refrigerant and "CFC" free thermal insulation.





July 2024