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Ice-cream Batch Freezer

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Ice-Cream Maker

          Super premium ice creams ,sorbets, and gelatos are a nationwide phenomenon. By the container or by the serving, consumers are increasingly seeking a homemade, quality taste and texture of premium quality ice cream treats.

      JCS Technic Line have available the Ice-cream Freezer machine for user require .We support the machine for Homemade, SMEs and Ice-Cream Manufacturing.


Batch Freezer.

        Our line of batch Freezer, It’s a small countertop unit that complements the full range of sizes and capacities currently available from 2.0 to 14.0 kg. It's easy to make high quality, trendy frozen desserts by just adding the desired mix and flavorings and the freezer does the rest. Fresh fruits and nuts can be folded in as product is being drawn into the container. Automatic mode allows beginners to make perfect frozen desserts or a semi-automatic mode allows the operator to take control of their specific recipes. The result is always smooth, creamy and highly profitable specialty desserts.



Ice-cream Batch Freezer.

Model-1: JCS-BIF2

Model-2: JCS-BIF7

Model-3: JCS-BIF14








For Gelato Ice-cream

Model-1: JCS-GLT2

Model-2: JCS-GLT7

Model-3: JCS-GLT14







For Ice cream stick.









July 2024